B-COBAL 30'S (Z)

    RM 24.80


Mecobalamin 0.5 mg, vit B1 100 mg, vit B6 200 mg

combination of the 3 essential neurotropic vitamin B group. Vitamin B1 is involved in carbohydrate metabolisme and in nerve transmission. Vitamin B6 is involved in amino acid metabolism and in protein metabolism. Mecobalamin is a B12-containing co-enzyme with an active methyl base. It participates in transmethylation reactions and is the most active of all B12 homologs in the body with respect to nucleic acid, protein and lipid metabolism. Mecobalamin acts to repair damaged nerve tissue in nerve disorders eg: axonal degeneration and demylination; and it is involved in erythroblast maturation, promotion of erythroblast division, and heme synthesis, thus acting to improve the status of the blood in megablastic anemia.

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