RM 43.50

Na hyaluronate
Indications / Uses
To improve lubrication of the eyes that are dry, burning or have foreign body sensations due to environmental conditions as well as after ophthalmosurgical interventions.

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need.

The benefits of HYLO COMOD® at a glance:

Optimal eye lubrication for moderate to medium-severe symptoms of dry eyes thanks to the active ingredient sodium hyaluronate (0.1%)
Easy to use thanks to the practical COMOD® system
Good tolerability of the drops with hard and soft contact lenses
Enormous yield of more than 300 drops
Can be used for up to six months after opening
Free from preservatives and phosphates

HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops offer effective and reliable lubrication and rehydration of dry and painful eyes. By strengthening the natural tear film, the eyes receive long-term protection against serious damage caused by drying out. Therefore, HYLO COMOD® lubricating eye drops are the optimal solution for dry eye symptoms.

We recommend HYLO® GEL intensive care for very severe symptoms of dry eyes.

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