RM 55.00

Quick Overview Wide range of vitamin B-Complex, added with Zinc, Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 for adults who need to stay energized and protected.
Direction for Use Energy booster for body and heart, stay active
Vitamin B1 - 12mg
Vitamin B2 - 15mg
Vitamin B3 - 100mg
Vitamin B5 - 18mg
Vitamin B6 - 8mg
Vitamin B12 - 12mcg
Folic Acid - 400mcg
Vitamin C - 375mg
Vitamin E - 30IU
Zinc (Elemental) - 15mg
Coenzyme Q10 - 30mg

Contra Indication Surbex Protect is contraindicated in patients known to be hypersensitive to any of its components
Caution Pyridoxine may interact with levodopa, but can be avoided if levodopa is given in combination with a decarboxylase inhibitor

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